Toys For Tots Charity Photoshoot, Boston Fashion Awards and Facebook Live in Review

Hello Bellas!!

It has been a hot second–sorry! If you don’t already know, I have made the decision to go FULL-TIME with my acting and modeling career in honor of my 1-year acting anniversary on Nov. 18th. I went full-time because I was sick of opportunities passing me by because they were on a Tuesday or I needed a whole week off on 2-days notice. My acting career was the main reason I went full-time since filming eats up the most time. Ironically, its my modeling that has taken off since. I recently had a whole day of modeling, photoshoots and catwalks.

A few weeks ago, I heard about a Toys for Tots charity photoshoot so I jumped on the opportunity. Not only do I know exactly how it feels to not have gifts under the tree some years, but I also love to use my talents for good! There were 3 top New England photographers, a team of makeup artists and hair stylists and gowns rented for the day from Mark Russo. We were asked to provide our measurements for the dresses and given call-times to keep the traffic to a minimum. There were Miss Americas, Miss Teens, Marines and tons of talented folks! After getting my hair and makeup did, I went to the stylist to see which gorgeous long and flowy gown was selected for me. To my initial dismay, my gown was no gown at all. It was a short plain red dress. I secretly hoped it would not fit so I could get an alternate, but it fit…surprisingly well actually! So I decided, I just needed to stand next to these beauty queens in stunning floor-length gowns and just OWN IT. After all, its not about me…its about the kids!!

That’s what I did. I went upstairs and had only 3 minutes to make an impression with each photographer and did my DAMN THANG! Each photographer was impressed with my posing ability (one of my strong suits). No dress was going to hold me back from leaving my mark. And that’s the thing about the modeling industry; its comprised of 80% confidence, 10% grit and 10% talent. I’m a petite model so I am often written off as a non-threat. I wasn’t surprised that I got the short dress vs. a gown. I get it. I’m short. The hem being too long is most certainly a concern. Soooo whats the best way to eliminate that threat? A short dress. But I made that short dress work for me. Check out how much fun I had working with Eric Snyder, Mo Mendes and Rob Hare (photography giants) along with Liz Kidder on hair and Jena Tang of Pristige Communications organizing the whole thing:

Two days before, I did a music video shoot for a local Boston artist: Kyle Davis. Remember the name. He is extremely talented and underrated. He was scheduled to perform Sunday at the Boston Fashion Awards. I was not planning on going because I hate being forced to network with VIPs at a club where you cannot hear a damn thing. However, Kyle’s manager gave me comp tickets so my previous excuse of not being able to afford it no longer applied. I then tried to make the excuse that I had the charity photoshoot earlier that day and I would be too exhausted to go. However, the venu was closer to the photoshoot than my house so I really had no excuse. INTROVERTS, YA FEEL ME THOUGH?!?! I got over myself and my excuses then I picked out a killer outfit and went stag.

It took like 45 minutes to find parking and it was 3 blocks away (not bad to be honest) in the freezing cold. I bent over to put my bags in the trunk so I dont come back to my car window smashed and my things stolen and I felt a SNAP. I grab the back of my skirt that was formally held together by a clasp that had just broke. Classic. I debated getting back in the car and leaving but I braved it. When I got to the venu, I went to coat check and asked if they had a pin but they only had a paper clip…which I graciously accepted with no other alternatives. I went to the bathroom to finagle some semblance of a clasp when I saw my designer friend Nathalia JMag. She said: “than GOD you are here. Can you model? We are short models, there were no-shows”. I looked down at my paper clip clasp and empty arm (no date) and without hesitation accepted the opportunity to not wear my broken clothes.

I felt instant regret because I realized what I had signed up for: runway. I am NOT a runway model. I am 5’4″ on a good day. I know my strengths. Walking in a straight line in someone else’s sky-high heels in someone else’s clothes is not one of mine. Don’t get me wrong, Ive done it; I’m just not cut out for it. For the second time in one day, I was faced with needing to hold my own. I am beyond thrilled I did!! It was so much fun. The girls were so nice. I was one of 3 (questionable) white girls which was AWESOME! I was so happy to see women of all colors tearing it up on the runway. So often, in Boston especially, everything is white-washed. I was proud of my city for diversifying the catwalk. I got corralled into another designer’s line as well, but I was just so happy I didn’t have to wear my broken skirt!! Check out the fruits of my labor:



While I had a ton of fun at the Boston Fashion Awards, I must say there were multiple technical difficulties. There was one point when I was waiting to walk the runway and loud white noise came over the intercom and did not stop for a solid 30 seconds. On top of that, they did not actually announce when any of the awards would be called and therefore, in many cases, the winners did not hear their names get called. Many designers and models who were nominated were busy backstage doing their job (that they were nominated for). The model who won best print model heard her name but was promptly rushed off-stage and was quite upset about it. Was she going to give an Oscar speech? No. But she said she was treated rudely. My question is: why call it the Boston Fashion Awards if the event is not completely centered around the awards and their winners? Why not call it the Boston Fashion Show (with some awards interspersed)? I understand these things are always hard to plan and there are always hitches, but shame on you Boston for your treatment of the people who were the WHOLE reason for the event!! Besides that, I had fun and it was a good place to meet good people and I thank the organizers for facilitating that.

At the event, I went Facebook live for the first time ever. I feel like I need to use this feature more often. I am a huge fan! I do think people abuse FB live and go on constantly to talk about what they ate that day, but if used sparingly for things people would not get to see normally and do not want to miss (ie the Boston Fashion Awards) then its a very useful tool. And so easy to use! One tip to FB: make it so you can share the link to these videos!! Check it out on my page:

I had such a blast this day and I am so glad I forced myself to be a social being for a day. I met so many wonderful people and really stepped outside my comfort zone. Stay tuned for a ton more projects!!

xo Tina Bell

Million Dollar Baby Monologue By: Tina Bell

Hello Bellas,

It has been a hot second since I have posted here. Sorry but I have tons of goodies in the works I am just waiting to post on here and YouTube. Most recently, I reached out to a casting director to apply for a female feature role in an indie film. Even though I was having MANY technical difficulties attaching my resume from my phone (my phone pooped the bed for a little bit), when I was able to successfully attach the file on my desktop after 3 tries (3rd times the charm?), she was shockingly still interested in my application. She selected me to record a video monologue to be submitted to the Director. The cool part about that is that they get TONS of applications, and a only a select few get to submit video monologues and the select few chosen from that lot, get submitted to the Director. Its a whole vetting process.

She gave me Hillary Swank’s monologue from Million Dollar Baby and told me to take some time to put some real emotion behind it. And that I did. Here is it:

She liked my video monologue submission so much that she said she would submit it to the Director as her FIRST choice and BEST submission she received. I was FLOORED. I was at my job as a Bridal Sales Consultant, that I just picked up to make ends meet and supplement my dreams, when  I got the email. I let out a little squeal of excitement (luckily I was alone) and went home to make a FB status on my personal account to thank everyone for the love and support (friends, family and fans first).

FUN FACT: earlier in the day that I recorded this, I did a photoshoot with Zachary Stone Photography and was rolling around in the forest for some really beautiful stuff. He asked when we should shoot and I said earlier in the day because I had to cry for a monologue and didn’t want to ruin my makeup for the shoot (because I HATE waterproof mascara).

Now, I am excited to share all my hard work and hopefully use this monologue for future submissions that fit the bill. Give it a like, comment and share please!!


Tina Bell

#TeaTimeWithTina: How to Get Published in a Magazine

Hello Bellas!

I am always so excited when I can finally share news with people that I have to keep secret. So often in this industry things are kept under-wraps until they are published or not. Its unfortunate when you hear that you were not published and you had to withhold those goodies for so long. Today I am going to share with you my experience getting published in Surreal Beauty Magazine along with #BTS photos and more info on the process of getting published.

“You’ve been published” are the 3 magic words in the modeling industry. The more publications you have as a model, the better for your portfolio to bring to clients. Publications show that you are worthy of print. The more you are published, the more clients want to work with you, the more people recognize you and the more money/work you get. I have been published before, but not as much as you would think. In this blog post I will discuss the intimate details about the publication process from a model’s perspective.

Before I get into that, I want to share some never before seen #BehindTheScenes photos with you and what it was like to shoot with Ash SharmaPhiPhiMakeup and Hair By Katt Fiorini.

In March, I came across Ash’s IG profile and DM’d him. At the time he had 25,000 followers which is already way more than me, but he agreed to work with my for select TFP. We kept being busy and having to reschedule: me because of my acting and him because of his photography. By the time we shot together, it was the end of June and he had doubled his followers.

I walk up to his apartment building and I call his cell…a man answers. THE ENTIRE TIME UP UNTIL THIS POINT I THOUGHT ASH WAS A WOMAN. Do not ask me why. I was surprised he was a man, but was happy with how professional he was. I walked up to his flat with the makeup artist:  PhiPhi. She got started right away on the first look (not published but shown below). Then Katt got to work on my hair once she arrived:

The final product is here:

I know these were not publish but WOW! I was floored to see the quality of these photos. The retoucher did such a phenomenal job and so did the team. My hair is EXTREMELY fine so it was a challenge for Katt to get my hair like this, but she was a trooper. This look took longer than the published look to achieve. People do not realize that most of the time, the simpler the look, the longer it takes. Each detail has to be perfect because the eye is focused on you and less on the elaborate makeup and hair.

People often ask me how I come up with looks and pose for pictures. The answer: I get into character. I am a #MethodModel (I just totally came up with that myself). For the above photos, I thought: “Old hollywood”. They often are looking off, romantic and sensual:

The next look (yes, in the same day) was a #HungerGames meets #StarWars inspired look. I felt like a strong but flawed warrior princess and thats the role I played. Take a look at the #BTS shot of these:


The final product is what was published in Surreal Beauty Magazine. You can buy a copy here:

 Here are the “Tear Sheets” from the magazine:


Like I said earlier, we shot in June and did not get published until now; it took about a month. Thats really not a bad turn-around considering how much goes into submissions. The process of getting published is difficult and time-consuming. These steps in being published are NOT in chronological order but rather to be read as instructions before even beginning the process of shooting for publication.

  1. First, you have to find viable places to publish your work. Obviously your chances of getting published is greater with smaller magazines that publish more frequently. However, the value of that publication goes down since it is not a reputable source. Do your research.
  2. There is usually a max and min for amount of photos for each submission. This gives your team and idea of how many shots to take. If you do not reach the minimum or go over the maximum, they will not even look at your photos.
  3. Next, you want to pay a retoucher to edit your photos. The difference in quality between photos professionally retouched and not is astonishing. They are well-worth your money.
  4. Now, most reputable magazines cost money to submit to (and you are not even guaranteed a spot). The price for submission varies.
  5. Lastly, models very RARELY can submit on their own. Typically, the photographer is required to submit since they are the copyrighted owners of the photo. Some magazines will allow a model to submit if she provides written consent from the photographer to do so. Unfortunately, that means if you want to be published as a model, you need to sign a model release which forfeits your rights to the photos. Also, if you want to be published as a model, you need to work with people who are willing to do this leg work. You can help by doing research and fronting some money for submissions, but if you work with dud photographers who do not care about being published as much as you, you need to find some better colleagues.

I hope you all enjoyed this article about my publication process. I try to be informative and realistic. As always, if you have any questions, hit me up!


Tina Bell

First Surgery Vlog: Before and After Heart Surgery

Hello Bellas!

As some of you may know (if you subscribe to my YouTube channel or I have told you), I got heart surgery about a week ago, last Wednesday. I was extra nervous not only because heart surgery is one of the scariest forms of surgery, but because it was my first surgery EVER! I haven’t even gotten my wisdom teeth out. That being said, there were many unknowns going into the procedure as well as many bumps along the way. I recorded a vlog documenting my before and after reactions to the surgery itself, but wanted to also take some time to discuss my condition (which was unfortunately not “cured” during surgery).

Here is the vlog:

I try to be as forthcoming with my life lessons as humanly possible so that my friends, family and fans can follow in my journey through my career and life! However, I am human and like most humans, I do not like to be reminded that I am only human. It means facing the fact that we are mortal and flawed. In modeling and larger society, flaws are often taught to be navigated around or pushed down. I completely agree that you should build on your strengths, rather than focus on your weaknesses. However, my health is paramount to my ability to do my job (which is often physically grueling) and having this condition has affected my ability to perform on occasion.

Soooo, in the spirit of complete transparency, I thought it was time to tell the greater public rather than just my intimate circle about my condition and document my journey to better health. I should not just tell you all the successes and failures in my career, but in my personal life too. I do not let people in to my intimate matters, but I found that to be very isolating. I am not even close to the only one to suffer from some sort of heart condition. Many people, models and friends alike have reached out to me in some way to tell me their story or a story of someone close to them suffering from a heart condition.

You are not alone and you do not need to feel alone. 

Some of us were given an additional obstacle in life, some of us were given many. I had a rough life growing up to say the least and surviving those obstacles and excelling is why I am still standing tall after each bout of disheartening news. I like to take a pragmatic optimist look at why I have been faced with an exorbitant amount of challenges: someone else out there is not strong enough to overcome all the adversities I have faced; therefore,  I face them because I can. The universe hasn’t dealt me a bad hand; the universe has merely seen me succeed regardless of what it has thrown at me. So, if my suffering means I have preventing someone else’s suffering, I am happy. I am successful because I am prepared for challenges and I know from experience how to overcome it. I only hope that if you are faced with a challenge, similar or not, my story can help you through yours too.

I hope you all give this a watch or read. Thanks so much for all of the love and support. I am truly #blessed.


Tina Bell

Powder Power!

Hello Bellas!

A few weekends ago I was going up to Mt Holyoke College’s graduation ceremony to watch my fab (faux) sister-in-law (my boyfriend’s sis) graduate from the school. Fortunately, I was able to also get together with a photography troupe for their powder project series because they were having it in Holyoke, MA instead of their usual spot in CT (a little too far for my taste). I knew when I saw some of the test shots, that I wanted to be a part of it.

How was I going to do both?! I went to the graduation and then bounced as soon as the ceremony was over and missed all the good stuff: the gathering, the dinner, and the move-out process. Most of this was missed in vain because when I rushed over to the shoot, there were 3 girls ahead of my scheduled to get powder thrown at them. Why any of us were ready to get powder thrown in our faces is beyond me…but hopefully the pictures justify the wait.

Even though I could have spent some more time with the recent graduate and my boyfriend’s family, it is tough to gauge how long these things will take. As you will see from my explanation of the powdering process, you will know just how tricky timing can be when getting “THE SHOT”.

At most regular point-and-shoot photoshoots, the model has to make an expression and properly display the product. However, when the product is you and powder is getting thrown at you, it is hard to keep composure, partly because of the taste, partly because it actually can move you because of its weight, and partly because it gets in your eyes. All those challenges were faced when doing this shoot but the final product is pretty amazing.

This one was the “happy one”. The whole time I kept thinking the true Covergirl mantra: “Easy, Breezy, Beautiful”. It was far from easy, the “breeze” was powder filled dust that got in my mouth (dont be fooled by that smile!), and the beautiful is in the pictorial evidence below:


The one above took multiple attempts to get the timing of the powder throws just right. And I must say, it came out very right. The powder was placed on my foot and flung into the air as I kicked, meanwhile two powder throwers were on either side of me to create the depth you see of powder puffs in the background. My legs were extremely sore the next day since high-kicks were not an exercise in my workout regimen at that time (but damn are they effective!!). Pretty amazing stuff:


All and all, I had a blast! I highly recommend checking out Leanne Williams Photography FB Page for more posts of models from the powder series and see if you can get in on the action while it lasts. Well-worth the cost and wait. You cannot rush magic. The whole process was fantastic. Peter is a very talented 6’2″ photographer and wrestler who commits to every shot and truly loves what he does. His humor helps break any tension that may exist for new or experienced models going to an abandon building in the middle of no where by yourself. Peter is a stand-up dude and I am happy to provide this rave review of my time with him.


I hope ya’ll enjoy the photos as much as I did making them! Stay tuned; I have TONS in store for everyone.

xo Tina Bell

Bubble / Bumpy Eyeliner Trend Thoughts

Hello Bellas,

If you are like me, you see are always tracking the latest beauty trends. I do it to stay up-to-date in my industry, but whatever your reason, you gotta stay fashion-forward. The most recent beauty trend craze: Bubble Eyeliner.


My thoughts? This is most certainly a FAD. I may see it in a few photos, on some celebs, or see some YouTubers scrambling to record their “Bumpy Eyeliner Tutorial” to desperately stay relevant. However, I do not think this one will stay.

No judgement or hate AT ALL. This beauty fad means I can actually look hip when I inevitably fuck up my eye liner. For that, I thank you beauty gods. I may even do a beauty shoot that incorporates the look; it all depends on how long this fad stays around and where my job takes me.

Although I would like my incompetence with an eyeliner pencil to be celebrated, I do not think this one will stick. People are attracted to symmetry and clean lines. Babies are more inclined to like your face and smile at you if your face is symmetrical. That’s fax. Hollywood and people in general have not strayed from the classic simple black liner/cat eye for years. Why? Because its classic. Looks good close-up, far way, and compliments your eyes. Therefore, this Bumpy Eyeliner will soon be placed in the rejected beauty fads box with the others like the “Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge”, dyed armpit hair, overdrawn eyebrows, and half-shaved heads (sorry to anyone who still practices those, I got many from this article:

Its the thought that counts. So thank you Beauty trenders/gurus for trying to make us incompetent fools look like we actually fucked up on purpose, but RIP to this soon-to-be dead trend…if it isnt already by the time I publish this blog.


Tina Bell

“Tea Time with Tina” Talk Show Pilot

Hello Bellas!

I am super excited to be bringing you a new series on my YouTube channel entitled: Tea Time with Tina ( #TeaTimeWithTina ). In the video below I introduce the Talk Show by explaining my inspiration behind it, what types of things I will do on the Talk Show, and my hopes to make #TeaTimeWithTina a fun, suggestion-based monthly (for now) Talk Show. So pour yourself a cup of tea and watch 🙂

In #TeaTimeWithTina I (your host, Tina Bell) will be drinking a cup of tea and discussing important things. Topics can be whatever you want! I will bring guests on the show from my industry, guests you suggest, topics you request, topics that are relevant in the world, and more! It can be what we make it; abstract and deep or silly and satirical. I have already shared my Talk Show concept with some fellow models, makeup artists, fashion designers, students and friends and they want in! I want to interview people over a relaxing cup of tea so we can get to know the brains behind the brands or just get to know someone, human to human.

The topic in my pilot episode is stress management which relates to my inspiration behind creating #TeaTimeWithTina. The way I unwind is by having a cup of tea at least once a day. This forces me to set time aside just for me and reflect on the days past, the day ahead or my goals/dreams. My personal #TeaTimeWithTina lead me to realize everyone should have “Tea Time” with themselves to get to know themselves better and manage every day stress. Whether that means playing video games or watching your new favorite show, #TeaTimeWithTina of course, or working out; finding your “Tea Time” is necessary to your health and sanity.

Then I thought:

The theme of my whole channel and life journey is to share my trials, adventures and tribulations with everyone soooo why don’t I share my “Tea Time” with you? My tag line is “All of Me for All of You” afterall. This means bringing you interviews or shower thoughts or makeup tips or WHATEVER is relevant. So comment, share, like and come again because you are not going to want to miss the guests and topics I have lined up for you.

xo Tina Bell

Tina Bell’s Virgin Hair Vlog: My 1st Time Dying My Hair

Hello Bellas!

If you do not follow me on SnapChat then you are really missing out and do not know that I have cut and dyed my hair!! I have been trying to keep this one under-wraps so I can surprise you all with this vlog documenting the process. Watch this 4 1/2 minute video of the before, during, after and blooper reel of me getting my hair did at Safar Boston.


Everyone who works there is super nice and accommodating. First, you are greeted by Nicole Hailer, a fellow model and all-around gorgeous human being; then I got my hair cut by the masterful and fun  Austin and colored by the brilliant and beautiful Tyzza Hartmann (Hair IG).

Safar also has a cappuccino machine in their back styling room behind a sleek silver counter for guests to drink while they wait. The overall ambiance can only be described as clean, modern and chic while the employees offer the warmth required to feel right at home.


My vlog includes the whole process I went through in preparation of being a hair model for Tyzza and Austin’s Spring lookbook. Give it a glance and do not forget to Subscribe 🙂


Tina Bell

Why People Born in February are the Best

Hello Bellas,

As you may or may not know, my birthday was February 19th. I have always been deemed the “love-baby”; first by my mum and then by many who met me thereafter. Not only is my birthday 5 days away from the holiday dedicated entirely to love, but I am one of the most caring people you’ll ever meet. That does not mean you can trample all of me and I will tolerate it…no, no, no. However, it means I care deeply about myself, the people closest to me, and often introspect how my actions can effect others.

Empathy and loyalty are just a few of the awesome traits of February babies. If you were born in Feburary, you are either an Aquarius or a Pisces. If you are born on the 19th or 20th, also like me, then you are on the cusp and possess traits from both. Here are Pisces strengths and weaknesses:

Pisces Strength Keywords:

– Compassionate
– Adaptable
– Accepting
– Devoted
– Imaginative

Pisces Weakness Keywords:

– Oversensitive
– Indecisive
– Self-pitying
– Lazy
– Escapist

And here are Aquarius’ strengths and weaknesses:

Aquarius Strength Keywords:

– Witty
– Clever
– Humanitarian
– Inventive
– Original

Aquarius Weakness Keywords:

– Stubborn
– Unemotional
– Sarcastic
– Rebellious
– Aloof

Both are pretty spot-on and I think the strengths out-weigh the weaknesses. Don’t you want to have a friend/lover/sister/mother who possesses these qualities?! I know I do. Sometimes I can feel compassion or completely unemotional/unsympathetic depending on the situation. February babies are very dynamic and care deeply when approached with loyalty and respect.

Need another reason why February babies are the best? How about the fact that Amethyst is our birthstone. The healing power of amethyst is unrivaled by all other stones. It protects from poison and stress. Therefore, February babies are drama-free mamas who give and heal as long as you reciprocate.

In conclusion: you should date, befriend, love, and surround yourself with February babies to ward off the bad and embrace the good.

xo Tina Bell

Top Shelf Vintage Co Spring Lookbook

Hello Bellas!

This past weekend I shot with one of my all time favs: Annie from Top Shelf Vintage Co. If you ever want to feel like a million bucks, I highly recommend shooting for her brand. Not only are the clothes amazing and comfortable (maybe because I’m in my element in clothes from another decade), but Annie is such a sweetheart; she give good direction and you’ll get killer images.


BEWARE: you may end up spending some cash on her items. Not too long ago I modeled a pair of pants for her and I bought them after I modeled them. To this day, I call them my magic pants. You can see them here:


I told you they were magic pants. I could re-write the entire story of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, except with just me and these pants. I digress.

This past Saturday, Annie and I went to Providence to a bowling ally to get our product shots for her Instagram and website. The bowling ally was FANTASTIC. Not only were they extremely accommodating, but the ally itself is vintage gold. Check out this carpet:


COME ON! That carpet needs to be in my house STAT! Even more importantly, that bodysuit is EVERYTHING. I almost bought it off of her, but I promised to budget these next few months for my vacation 🙂 But look at that 70s cut-out bodysuit…LOOK AT IT. I’m obsessed. And the pants are extremely flattering mom jeans. That’s right, you heard me, FLATTERING mom jeans.

And more fun in her clothes:

DSC_0914 DSC_1076 DSC_0941

A very special thanks to Lang’s Bowlarama in Providence, RI for hosting us, allowing us to roll around on your carpet and lanes, and lending us bowling shoes and balls. You’re the true champions here. Head on over to Top Shelf Vintage Co!

xo Tina Bell