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My Valentines Day/Birthday Photoshoot

Hello Bellas,

Welp, its a fact: Im getting old. At least, one year older that is ūüėČ As an annual tradition, I did a birthday/valentine’s day fusion photoshoot with my bestie Joe Murphy. He texted me and said “lets do a birthday photoshoot for you–your vision/concept and I’ll do makeup and shoot”. As most photoshoot stories go, there were some hiccups along the way…

We planned to do this photoshoot at a local laundromat that has teal washing machines. I called the laundromat multiple times to get permission to shoot to no avail. Finally, the day of the shoot, a nice woman picked up and told me they are closed for renovations for 2 weeks and that the teal machines were being replaced. REPLACED?! Damn. This was originally what we wanted to do:

So, we adapted the script for the day to be not on-location. I used some Pinterest inspiration of course, but we made them our own.

It all worked out in the end and we made some fabulous images. Here are some #bts images:

And the final product images:

We had so much fun!! I have always been called the “love-baby” because my birthday is so close to Valentine’s Day so this fusion photoshoot was what dreams are made of ūüôā I hope you all enjoyed this photoshoot as much as I did. Stay tuned for my post about NYFW!!


Tina Bell

#TeaTimeWithTina: Photoshoot Makeup Tutorial

Hello Bellas,

Whenever I go to a photoshoot or film set, people ask me who did my makeup. The answer is: me! A year ago I would looked like a 2-year-old who got her hands on a kids makeup set full of child-safe wax lipstick and blush. Now, I look my age and am always photo-ready. Its so important whether you are a model, actor or going out to look your best since our society today is driven by image-focused social media like IG or FB. I’m talking about just enhancing your normal features, not making you look like a¬†stranger (I’ll save that for another time). So, whether you are on screen or behind it watching embarrassing family videos at your Grandma’s 80th, you want to be ready for pictures (you really think your Uncle who just bought a Canon and now thinks hes a professional photographer is NOT going to take photos then you are mistaken). Be ready with this simple makeup tutorial with affordable drug-store makeup tips.

If you are not into makeup and look/feel fabulous without it, MORE POWER TO YA!! But not knowing how to properly apply your makeup is no excuse after you watch my video!! I call this “headshot makeup”.



Tina Bell

#TeaTimeWithTina: How to Get Published in a Magazine

Hello Bellas!

I am always so excited when I can finally share news with people that I have to keep secret. So often in this industry things are kept under-wraps until they are published or not. Its unfortunate when you hear that you were not published and you had to withhold those goodies for so long. Today I am going to share with you my experience getting published in Surreal Beauty Magazine along with #BTS photos and more info on the process of getting published.

“You’ve been published” are the 3 magic words in the modeling industry. The more publications you have as a model, the better for your portfolio to bring to clients. Publications show that you are worthy of print. The more you are published, the more clients want to work with you, the more people recognize you and the more money/work you get. I have been published before, but not as much as you would think. In this blog post I will discuss the intimate details about the publication process from a model’s perspective.

Before I get into that, I want to share some never before seen #BehindTheScenes photos with you and what it was like to shoot with Ash Sharma, PhiPhiMakeup and Hair By Katt Fiorini.

In March, I came across Ash’s IG profile and DM’d him. At the time he had 25,000 followers which is already way more than me, but he agreed to work with my for select TFP. We kept being busy and having to reschedule: me because of my acting and him because of his photography. By the time we shot together, it was the end of June and he had doubled his followers.

I walk up to his apartment building and I call his cell…a man answers. THE ENTIRE TIME UP UNTIL THIS POINT I THOUGHT ASH WAS A WOMAN. Do not ask me why. I was surprised he was a man, but was happy with how professional he was. I walked up to his flat with the makeup artist: ¬†PhiPhi. She got started right away on the first look (not published but shown below). Then Katt got to work on my hair once she arrived:

The final product is here:

I know these were not publish but WOW! I was floored to see the quality of these photos. The retoucher did such a phenomenal job and so did the team. My hair is EXTREMELY fine so it was a challenge for Katt to get my hair like this, but she was a trooper. This look took longer than the published look to achieve. People do not realize that most of the time, the simpler the look, the longer it takes. Each detail has to be perfect because the eye is focused on you and less on the elaborate makeup and hair.

People often ask me how I come up with looks and pose for pictures. The answer: I get into character. I am a #MethodModel (I just totally came up with that myself). For the above photos, I thought: “Old hollywood”. They often are looking off, romantic and sensual:

The next look (yes, in the same day) was a #HungerGames meets #StarWars inspired look. I felt like a strong but flawed warrior princess and thats the role I played. Take a look at the #BTS shot of these:


The final product is what was published in Surreal Beauty Magazine. You can buy a copy here:

¬†Here are the “Tear Sheets” from the magazine:


Like I said earlier, we shot in June and did not get published until now; it took about a month. Thats really not a bad turn-around considering how much goes into submissions. The process of getting published is difficult and time-consuming. These steps in being published are NOT in chronological order but rather to be read as instructions before even beginning the process of shooting for publication.

  1. First, you have to find viable places to publish your work. Obviously your chances of getting published is greater with smaller magazines that publish more frequently. However, the value of that publication goes down since it is not a reputable source. Do your research.
  2. There is usually a max and min for amount of photos for each submission. This gives your team and idea of how many shots to take. If you do not reach the minimum or go over the maximum, they will not even look at your photos.
  3. Next, you want to pay a retoucher to edit your photos. The difference in quality between photos professionally retouched and not is astonishing. They are well-worth your money.
  4. Now, most reputable magazines cost money to submit to (and you are not even guaranteed a spot). The price for submission varies.
  5. Lastly, models very RARELY can submit on their own. Typically, the photographer is required to submit since they are the copyrighted owners of the photo. Some magazines will allow a model to submit if she provides written consent from the photographer to do so. Unfortunately, that means if you want to be published as a model, you need to sign a model release which forfeits your rights to the photos. Also, if you want to be published as a model, you need to work with people who are willing to do this leg work. You can help by doing research and fronting some money for submissions, but if you work with dud photographers who do not care about being published as much as you, you need to find some better colleagues.

I hope you all enjoyed this article about my publication process. I try to be informative and realistic. As always, if you have any questions, hit me up!


Tina Bell

RELAUNCH of the DIY Model Project

Hello Bellas!

I do not know if any of you remember, but WAY back in the day when I first started modeling, I came up with a brilliant idea. When I was just a model babe, without any experience or right to think I was all that, I thought I was all that. I had hopes and dreams bigger and better than my equipment; I lacked the skill, the charm and camera that I have now to make my dreams a reality. I STILL have huge hopes and dreams, but now I have more experience and am grounded because of it. Therefore, with a camera that isnt my laptop webcam and my years of experience modeling, I want to relaunch my DIY Model Project!!!

Even though I was dreaming bigger things than I could execute at the time, I KNEW this was a good idea. The DIY Model Project was made by me over a year ago when I first started (barely) and wanted to show models and non-models alike, how to be photo-ready. This #DIYModelProject is just that. Do It Yourself Modeling tips, tricks and hacks of how to make it or fake it. Models can be more prepared for photoshoots and non-models can take a killer selfie. I will share all my trials and tribulations with all of you. This ranges from beauty tips, tutorials, posing suggestions, what to bring, what to wear, how to vet photographers, how to interview and how to behave. If you follow my Youtube #DIYModelProject series, you will learn how to look, feel and act like a model.

My first installment is how to conceal dark circles. This is ESSENTIAL for all women to learn how to do. Models especially understand just how important it is to keep their skin looking fresh and clear, even though you may not get much sleep running around from audition to casting calls. Here is my DIY Model Project tutorial on how to cover-up dark circles:


xo Tina Bell

Fall Lip Look Makeup Tutorial

Hi Bellas!

I am super excited to finally launch my Fall Lip Look Makeup Tutorial on YouTube! I have been snapping about this release for weeks now. Travel and unforeseen illness have set me back but I keep my promises! WATCH ALL THE WAY TO THE END FOR BLOOPERS! Cant wait to see what you think. Here are the links to the products I used:

Color Pop Tootsie Lippie Stix:

Revlon Colorburst Balm-Stain Crush: ||0

E.L.F. Lip Balm Nude:

All are under $10 and combined they give a nice cranberry, plum, purple ombre look. Achieve the #KylieJennerLips look without lip liner or fillers. This is a great day-to-night makeup look. Be sure to Subscribe before you go!

xo Tina Bell