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Trick or Treat: Halloween 2016 Costumes

Hello Bellas!

I accidentally  went all-out for Halloween this year with 3 costumes. One was planned and the other 2 I had to pull out of my a$$. Halloween is all about being creative so join me in my Halloween costume journey this year.

Like every other year, I usually make one Halloween costume because I really only celebrate it one day. About 3 months ago I found a red all-sequined dress at Savers for $6 and instantly I knew what I was being for Halloween: Jessica Rabbit. It was perfect. Jessica Rabbit is the right amount of body positive sexy and classy you want in a costume.

Of course, there is always the Mean Girls age-old wear lingerie and cat ears/vampire teeth costume which never fails…but I’m not a basic bitch.



I slowly but surely got all the other pieces of my costume like gloves, a wig, heels and fake lashes. The entire outfit cost under $40 which is my limit for something I am going to wear one time once a year. I knew the day I would debut my outfit would be Saturday (the closest weekend day to Halloween you can go out without being an alcoholic) at an open bar party. THEN the Wednesday before this weekend my friend invited me to a networking Halloween party thrown by Model Club Inc. (one of the big agencies in Boston) on Thursday. They declined me representation a few months ago soooooo obviously I had to go and I had to look FABULOUS to show them what they’re missing. But, one day to muster up a drop-dead fabulous costume?!?! Not only that but I had two photoshoots earlier that day…the second of which I was completely covered in blood:


So, I thought to myself: who is the most fabulous person I know whose wardrobe I already possess: BEYONCE. I know what you are thinking: “how do you already possess Beyonce’s wardrobe”. If you saw my closet (which you can see here: Closet Tour) you would think it belonged to a drag queen or a professional stylist/costumer…one of which I am. I quickly Googled “Beyonce Formation Tour” and combined two outfits of hers to make “my beyonce” costume because what fun is it if you just make the exact same thing?!?! Here is my inspiration:

And here is what I wore:

Friday night I was invited to my friend Nathalia Jmag‘s fashion show event in Providence. If you don’t know the name, you best learn it since she is on this season of Project Runway and is doing big things. The event was called: “Freaqshow”.

At the show I got to witness a man crowd-source $50 to staple his scrotum to his leg…and that he did. But, I digress.

Recently I was in a music video with the same carny freak-show theme and wore an old ringleader costume of mine. I could have worn that but I really don’t like repeating costumes nor do I like wearing the same outfit (costume or not) too close to one another.

So I decided to do something different and completely opposite of the theme. I used a baby pink faux fur sweater to inspire a Ariana Grande Scream Queens Costume. Here was my inspiration:

And here is what I wore:


I know there are a limited amount of times I will be able to pay only $10 to see my fabulous friend Nathalia Jmag‘s designs on the runway before she is too famous to afford so I had to go and look fabbers.

Finally, it was Saturday night. The night I had planned and prepped for for months. I got to be one of my favorite childhood characters. I stuffed my bra and attempted to stuff my hips but the dress could not accommodate the curvy queen. At the pregame, I borrowed a safety pin from the host to keep the back of my dress from bursting at the seams from my fake boobs. The night was saved by the tiny metal pin until it burst open (luckily not exposing me for a fraud I was) while I was at the party and stabbed my finger on the dance floor. Roger Rabbit helped re-pin me and all was good again. We did not win the costume contest–although literally everyone told us we should have much like last year when my roommates and I went as The Avengers–but I know we were the winners of everyone’s hearts that night. Here was my inspiration:


And here is what I wore:

 Jessica Rabbit Full.jpg

I hope you all had a happy and ghoulish Halloween! Let the trick or treating commence!!


Tina Bell