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Tea Time with Tina is BACK!

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My talk show Tea Time with Tina is BACK! It’s difficult to find silver linings or things to look forward to during this uncertain time of quarantining, social distancing and staggering pandemic stats, which is why I have decided to relaunch my talk show Tea Time with Tina. We find ourselves needing entertainment and looking at screens more than ever so what better time to bring you a little recluse? So sit back, relax, pour yourself a cup of your favorite beverage and sip along while I spill the tea. Feel free to comment on the various videos with topic & guest suggestions. Episode 1 is aptly all about self-care (of your thoughts 💭 & mind 🧠 )

“Tea Time with Tina” Talk Show Pilot

Hello Bellas!

I am super excited to be bringing you a new series on my YouTube channel entitled: Tea Time with Tina ( #TeaTimeWithTina ). In the video below I introduce the Talk Show by explaining my inspiration behind it, what types of things I will do on the Talk Show, and my hopes to make #TeaTimeWithTina a fun, suggestion-based monthly (for now) Talk Show. So pour yourself a cup of tea and watch 🙂

In #TeaTimeWithTina I (your host, Tina Bell) will be drinking a cup of tea and discussing important things. Topics can be whatever you want! I will bring guests on the show from my industry, guests you suggest, topics you request, topics that are relevant in the world, and more! It can be what we make it; abstract and deep or silly and satirical. I have already shared my Talk Show concept with some fellow models, makeup artists, fashion designers, students and friends and they want in! I want to interview people over a relaxing cup of tea so we can get to know the brains behind the brands or just get to know someone, human to human.

The topic in my pilot episode is stress management which relates to my inspiration behind creating #TeaTimeWithTina. The way I unwind is by having a cup of tea at least once a day. This forces me to set time aside just for me and reflect on the days past, the day ahead or my goals/dreams. My personal #TeaTimeWithTina lead me to realize everyone should have “Tea Time” with themselves to get to know themselves better and manage every day stress. Whether that means playing video games or watching your new favorite show, #TeaTimeWithTina of course, or working out; finding your “Tea Time” is necessary to your health and sanity.

Then I thought:

The theme of my whole channel and life journey is to share my trials, adventures and tribulations with everyone soooo why don’t I share my “Tea Time” with you? My tag line is “All of Me for All of You” afterall. This means bringing you interviews or shower thoughts or makeup tips or WHATEVER is relevant. So comment, share, like and come again because you are not going to want to miss the guests and topics I have lined up for you.

xo Tina Bell