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“Lightswitch”: A Short Story Based on Real Events by Tina Bell

TRIGGER WARNING: please do not read this short story if you are in any way triggered by material surrounding mental illness, poverty, hoarding, childhood trauma, fire or anything of the sort. While I appreciate your voluntary readership, it is not my intent to bring any harm, emotional or otherwise, to you in anyway. Please stop or call a professional if at any point you feel the need to do so. It is okay to not be okay.

DISCLAIMER: This story is nonfiction and written from my memory but we all know that human memory is deeply flawed. Some embellishments and paraphrasing may be present. These are my accounts of real events, from my perspective at varying ages, but there are always multiple sides to every story. Enjoy!

“Light Switch”

I used to sneak into my mom’s room when she was away just to open her closet door and stare at all the sequins, shoulder pads and shiny clothes (now you know where I get my style from). I would watch her get dolled up for church every Sunday. Other women would hold their husbands tighter when she entered the room. Any time she got money, she would spend it all on these oddly expensive German Steiff stuffed teddy bears. She would bag sliced oranges for me to share with my teammates at my soccer game halftimes. She would light up when she was chosen to be the church coffee hour food/beverage leader or the parent field trip chaperone.  

…and then suddenly that light went out. Like a switch. I watched her slowly slip into a shell of the human being she once was. Not leaving her bed for weeks at a time. Dust, mold, clutter, chaos and decay crept in. The house turned into a museum and my mom into a petrified mummy. 

She stopped wearing makeup. She stopped washing her hair. She stopped opening her closet door. She stopped volunteering to chaperone. She stopped. 

In 1st grade, we had storytime in class. Turns were taken, up and down the rows of desks, reading one line per student. Sounds like fun, right? Wrong. This was my living nightmare as a kid with a stutter and dyslexia. I would strategically count how many students were before me to find which line would be mine so I could rehearse it. This worked, for a time, but I did not account for overachievers who would read TWO lines, unprecedentedly. Thus catapulting me into a frantic panic. By the time it was my turn, I was on the verge of tears and had lost my place. The teacher pointed to the line, I stumbled through it and she scolded me to pay attention next time. I went home and told my mom what happened. Instead of scolding me too, she told me to come to her room every night to read aloud to her. Trust me—if you knew how bad my stutter was back then—you would know this could not have been a pleasant experience for my mom. But she always listened with grace and patience until she drifted off to sleep. Her snores were my cue to turn the light switch off and slink back to my own room. I did this for years and my stutter slowly went away. 

So naturally, in 2nd grade we had to pick a hero to write a poem about and I chose my mom. Duh. I wrote that she always smelled of Chanel No. 5 and baby powder while she twirled her hair up in her signature French twist on Sunday mornings. I ran home in excitement to read (aka stutter) it to her. She burst into tears and could only muster “im sorry”s between sobs. Not exactly the reaction I was expecting. She hung that poem on her vanity mirror she no longer visited. She didn’t leave her room for a month after that. I thought I did something wrong. Over time, the sunlight turned the paper yellow and faded the marker to light gray. Eventually, it looked like it had been written in invisible, disappearing ink and recovered from a shipwreck 100 years later. Yet another relic that haunted me. 

In 3rd grade, I was taken aside by my English teacher who noticed I was struggling to read. She told me to report to Room 318, the classroom for intellectually disabled students, the next class reading time. I obliged, even though I knew deep down I was misplaced. The assigned reading in Room 318 was “The Velveteen Rabbit”. 

For a week, I paced back-and-forth in front of my mother’s bedroom door, too afraid to tell her the delicate news. I was terrified I would be responsible for sending her even further into her sarcophagus. I opened the door and yelled “I don’t want to read ‘The Velveteen Rabbit’”. My cries penetrated my mom’s Egyptian burial grounds and I swear she rose like a zombie to my rescue. 

She marched to the school and I watched as my mom progressively became more and more animated while demanding my teacher remove me from Room 318. Crimson color rose to her cheeks as she spoke. My teacher turned to me and asked: “what happens in ‘The Velveteen Rabbit’”. I had only read the first and the last paragraphs, which was enough to respond with “a boy unknowingly brings his toy rabbit to life by loving it”. My teacher ate her words and granted my release. As my mother and I turned to leave, my teacher grabbed my arm, crouched down and asked: “did you read ‘The Velveteen Rabbit’”. Shit. She knew. I hesitated and replied, “I just said I did”. My teacher smirked and said: “you’re a very smart girl. I’m sorry for not realizing just how clever you were earlier”. I walked away smirking;  thinking I got away with a lie. My mother went home, flipped the light switch back off, crawled back into bed and regressed back to being one of her stuffed bears she loved to collect. I have still never read “The Velveteen Rabbit” to this day. 

My mom had this party trick she would break out on birthdays or rare candle-lit dinners. She would run her finger through the flame of the candles. I couldn’t believe my eyes. In sheer disbelief, I would tell her to do it again. So she would. My eyes lit up more and more with each subsequent request. She would end her trick by putting the flame out with her thumb and index finger. So cool. For the longest time, I thought it was pure magic; there could be no other logical explanation for it. My mom was a magician…or even cooler, a witch. One day, I had a friend over for dinner—which was rare because of the embarrassing hoarder clutter everywhere—and after bragging to my friend about my mom’s talent, I asked my mom to do her candle magic trick. My mother barked back a short “what do you want from me”. I reluctantly repeated the request, hoping she just didn’t hear me or was preoccupied. She looked confused and said: “I have no idea what you are talking about”. She turned off the light in the kitchen, stomped past my friend and I in the dining room and retired to her bedroom. I apologized to my friend for being mistaken and asked if she wanted me to make her boxed mac-n-cheese. She politely declined and called her mom to pick her up. I thought I dodged a bullet because I was bluffing; I had NO idea how to cook. I went to bed hungry that night. 

I’m sure you’re asking yourself where my father was in all this. My father wasn’t around. Don’t be sad—that was actually a blessing. To say he is a bad man would be an insult to bad men. He paid for our cell phones and demanded we call him at least once a week, lest he would turn off our service. Seems a fair exchange, but he would talk derogatorily about my mother the majority of the conversation in our weekly calls. That takes a toll on a young, impressionable girl. I knew she wasn’t perfect.  But she was still my hero. At some point in every superhero movie—the hero falters; they quit, they get battered, they feel helpless. If I learned anything from those movies, I knew this was the point when she needed backup. So I stood my ground against the formidable 500-pound man that is my father and defended her. Afterall, she was at least physically present—which was more than I could say for him. So I stopped calling. I told my mom why. She cried and then something surprising happened. The light was ignited again. We went to Sprint and bought our own cell phones under my moms name. We did not give my father our numbers. We were free. I no longer had to endure the weekly verbal and emotional abuse. 

Then the lights went out. This time, literally. My father turned off our electricity in retaliation. Because nothing says fair justice like turning off a life source in exchange for some good ol’ fashion abuse and personal validation. We had no heat, no hot water, no lights, no stove. I took cold showers, I stayed at friend’s houses to shower, I took the bus to the library to finish school assignments. My mom’s first act of defiance against my father’s clutches was met with swift, all-consuming punishment. My mother was able to adapt to this lifestyle quite quickly from years of experience digging her own dark hole for one. I eventually swallowed my pride and caved, for my little sister’s sake. I was 14 and my sister was 11. I called my father from a blocked number. No niceties were exchanged. The lights came back on. 

I wish I could end this story by saying my mom finally found her light switch and turned it on for good. But that would be a lie. No amount of money I sent home in college to keep the lights on could buy my mom the light switch she needed to find her way out of the black hole of her own design. I look back on her fleeting moments of heroism and shiny bouts of motherhood with nostalgic melancholy. Every time I visit or speak with my mother, I backslide into being that confused little girl again; still fumbling in the dark to find the light switch. I catch myself to this day unconsciously talking about my mother in the past tense because she’s like a ghost in so many ways; just another relic collecting dust, like her teddy bears or my poem of the woman she once was. She was a good mom when she found her spark, but she stopped lighting the fuse long ago and all we have left are haunted stories to tell by candlelight. 

A Short Story By: Tina Bell

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Tea Time with Tina is BACK!

Tea Time with Tina Bell Gif

My talk show Tea Time with Tina is BACK! It’s difficult to find silver linings or things to look forward to during this uncertain time of quarantining, social distancing and staggering pandemic stats, which is why I have decided to relaunch my talk show Tea Time with Tina. We find ourselves needing entertainment and looking at screens more than ever so what better time to bring you a little recluse? So sit back, relax, pour yourself a cup of your favorite beverage and sip along while I spill the tea. Feel free to comment on the various videos with topic & guest suggestions. Episode 1 is aptly all about self-care (of your thoughts 💭 & mind 🧠 )

Post-Holiday Gym Feels

Its Monday. Everyone is in a post-thanksgiving turkey-induced coma as they sit behind their desks, typing away with zombie-fingers. But what happens after work? How will you get rid of those turkey thighs, those mashed potato muscles or those gravy glutes?

The Gym (cue dramatic music: Bah, Bahh, BAHHH).

None of us want to do it, but we will. You will go whether it be for a New Years Resolution, post-holiday binge-eating guilt, or simply because you are a weirdo who loves the gym. Watch how  I braved my post-holiday #gymfeels:



xo Tina Bell

Million Dollar Baby Monologue By: Tina Bell

Hello Bellas,

It has been a hot second since I have posted here. Sorry but I have tons of goodies in the works I am just waiting to post on here and YouTube. Most recently, I reached out to a casting director to apply for a female feature role in an indie film. Even though I was having MANY technical difficulties attaching my resume from my phone (my phone pooped the bed for a little bit), when I was able to successfully attach the file on my desktop after 3 tries (3rd times the charm?), she was shockingly still interested in my application. She selected me to record a video monologue to be submitted to the Director. The cool part about that is that they get TONS of applications, and a only a select few get to submit video monologues and the select few chosen from that lot, get submitted to the Director. Its a whole vetting process.

She gave me Hillary Swank’s monologue from Million Dollar Baby and told me to take some time to put some real emotion behind it. And that I did. Here is it:

She liked my video monologue submission so much that she said she would submit it to the Director as her FIRST choice and BEST submission she received. I was FLOORED. I was at my job as a Bridal Sales Consultant, that I just picked up to make ends meet and supplement my dreams, when  I got the email. I let out a little squeal of excitement (luckily I was alone) and went home to make a FB status on my personal account to thank everyone for the love and support (friends, family and fans first).

FUN FACT: earlier in the day that I recorded this, I did a photoshoot with Zachary Stone Photography and was rolling around in the forest for some really beautiful stuff. He asked when we should shoot and I said earlier in the day because I had to cry for a monologue and didn’t want to ruin my makeup for the shoot (because I HATE waterproof mascara).

Now, I am excited to share all my hard work and hopefully use this monologue for future submissions that fit the bill. Give it a like, comment and share please!!


Tina Bell

#TeaTimeWithTina: How to Get Published in a Magazine

Hello Bellas!

I am always so excited when I can finally share news with people that I have to keep secret. So often in this industry things are kept under-wraps until they are published or not. Its unfortunate when you hear that you were not published and you had to withhold those goodies for so long. Today I am going to share with you my experience getting published in Surreal Beauty Magazine along with #BTS photos and more info on the process of getting published.

“You’ve been published” are the 3 magic words in the modeling industry. The more publications you have as a model, the better for your portfolio to bring to clients. Publications show that you are worthy of print. The more you are published, the more clients want to work with you, the more people recognize you and the more money/work you get. I have been published before, but not as much as you would think. In this blog post I will discuss the intimate details about the publication process from a model’s perspective.

Before I get into that, I want to share some never before seen #BehindTheScenes photos with you and what it was like to shoot with Ash SharmaPhiPhiMakeup and Hair By Katt Fiorini.

In March, I came across Ash’s IG profile and DM’d him. At the time he had 25,000 followers which is already way more than me, but he agreed to work with my for select TFP. We kept being busy and having to reschedule: me because of my acting and him because of his photography. By the time we shot together, it was the end of June and he had doubled his followers.

I walk up to his apartment building and I call his cell…a man answers. THE ENTIRE TIME UP UNTIL THIS POINT I THOUGHT ASH WAS A WOMAN. Do not ask me why. I was surprised he was a man, but was happy with how professional he was. I walked up to his flat with the makeup artist:  PhiPhi. She got started right away on the first look (not published but shown below). Then Katt got to work on my hair once she arrived:

The final product is here:

I know these were not publish but WOW! I was floored to see the quality of these photos. The retoucher did such a phenomenal job and so did the team. My hair is EXTREMELY fine so it was a challenge for Katt to get my hair like this, but she was a trooper. This look took longer than the published look to achieve. People do not realize that most of the time, the simpler the look, the longer it takes. Each detail has to be perfect because the eye is focused on you and less on the elaborate makeup and hair.

People often ask me how I come up with looks and pose for pictures. The answer: I get into character. I am a #MethodModel (I just totally came up with that myself). For the above photos, I thought: “Old hollywood”. They often are looking off, romantic and sensual:

The next look (yes, in the same day) was a #HungerGames meets #StarWars inspired look. I felt like a strong but flawed warrior princess and thats the role I played. Take a look at the #BTS shot of these:


The final product is what was published in Surreal Beauty Magazine. You can buy a copy here: http://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/1145826

 Here are the “Tear Sheets” from the magazine:


Like I said earlier, we shot in June and did not get published until now; it took about a month. Thats really not a bad turn-around considering how much goes into submissions. The process of getting published is difficult and time-consuming. These steps in being published are NOT in chronological order but rather to be read as instructions before even beginning the process of shooting for publication.

  1. First, you have to find viable places to publish your work. Obviously your chances of getting published is greater with smaller magazines that publish more frequently. However, the value of that publication goes down since it is not a reputable source. Do your research.
  2. There is usually a max and min for amount of photos for each submission. This gives your team and idea of how many shots to take. If you do not reach the minimum or go over the maximum, they will not even look at your photos.
  3. Next, you want to pay a retoucher to edit your photos. The difference in quality between photos professionally retouched and not is astonishing. They are well-worth your money.
  4. Now, most reputable magazines cost money to submit to (and you are not even guaranteed a spot). The price for submission varies.
  5. Lastly, models very RARELY can submit on their own. Typically, the photographer is required to submit since they are the copyrighted owners of the photo. Some magazines will allow a model to submit if she provides written consent from the photographer to do so. Unfortunately, that means if you want to be published as a model, you need to sign a model release which forfeits your rights to the photos. Also, if you want to be published as a model, you need to work with people who are willing to do this leg work. You can help by doing research and fronting some money for submissions, but if you work with dud photographers who do not care about being published as much as you, you need to find some better colleagues.

I hope you all enjoyed this article about my publication process. I try to be informative and realistic. As always, if you have any questions, hit me up!


Tina Bell

Tina Bell’s Travelers’ Guide: Kansas City, MO

Hello Bellas,

Rome, New York, Paris, Tokyo, Kansas City. JK! But Kansas City was a really fun place with good people, eats, and shopping. So, if you ever find yourself in KC, Ive got your guide.

First off, follow me on snapchat for a live feed of my adventures @tinabellmodel. Secondly, regardless of where you are going, you want to book an AirBnB for all your trips. AirBnB is an online rental website in which you can stay in someone’s whole apartment or rent a room or stay at an actual B&B. You select the type of arrangement you want and you pay a fraction of what you would at a hotel. Plus you look like a big shot when you have an entire loft to yourself. One down side, its sort of a mixed bag.

I have been told by a Midwesterner that the Midwest is the beef capital of the world, and he would be right. If you are a beefitarian like me, you will LOVE KC. That being said, if you are like the rest of my party that was with me, you will still be well-fed. The one thing I will say is that if you are trying to eat healthy–you are in the wrong place. Down every street in KC there is at least one person in a wheelchair that has no physical ailment other than being too obese to walk on their own two feet for more than a block. BUT! KC, MO has the best BBQ in the country.

The first night, I went to Jack Stacks:


In case you were wondering, that is true to size. I ordered the half slab of beef ribs. HALF! I would have pooped myself had I gotten the full one. Sorry if thats gross…its true. It cost me $3 to replace the cole slaw with broccoli as a “healthier” alternative and when I received my broccoli, it came dowsed in cheese and garlic. Again, do not go to KC to be healthy, embrace the 5-10 lbs you will gain. That said, I didn’t even get to the fries and barely ate the broccoli (which was probably less healthy than the ribs) and it was DELICIOUS.

To put just how unhealthy most of your options are in KC MO, I went to CVS THE NEXT DAY to buy a sports bra (yea, they sell them there, crazy right?!) to do Insanity workouts. I did the workouts the entire time I was there and at best, I broke even on weight gain/loss and Insanity is the most intense workout known to man!! (My review of Insanity workouts is coming next).

The next day, my co-worker and I went to this coffee shop and I got the best tea I have ever had called Hibiscus Elixir from Kaldi’s Coffee. It comes out on this platter with your own personal dispenser. This picture on the left is not mine because snapchat decided to only download half of my photos -__-


Unfortunately for lunch we ate at this federal building cafeteria and somehow, I don’t know how, they made salad unhealthy. We did this 2 days. It wasn’t until Wednesday that we ventured out further to a hole-in-the-wall breakfast/lunch joint called Silver Spoon. I have this tradition with myself that I order a reuben at lunch spots all over and compare which is best. I must say this one was extremely juicy and really warm. It was a comfort for sure and I missed it when it was gone. One down side was that the dressing started quickly being absorbed into the bread so the bread was wet from dressing, but it was still so good. We enjoyed the place so much that we came back the next day for breakfast, which also amazed.


Silver Spoon Kansas City, MO Reuben

The next BBQ place we went was highly recommended and over the state lines into Kansas City, KS (Yes, they are 15 minutes away from each other) called Joe’s.  Apparently there was a mini civil war during the purchase of this territory way back when that caused the two to split and stubbornly keep the same name. The restaurant is in a gas station. It was so funky. Very casual and you wait in line for easily 20-45 minutes depending on how busy. I went to place like this in Dallas, TX called the Pecan Lounge. Honestly, the Pecan Lounge was better. The brisket was thinly sliced and the pork was dry. I was kind of bummed I waited so long. The fries and the BBQ sauce itself ironically was what made the wait worth it. I wanted to buy some sauce to bring home with me but there were no 3 oz, flight-friendly sizes. I bought a T-Shirt for the novelty of it and chalked the experience up to just that, an experience. You cant visit this part of the county and not go where the locals recommend the most.

Wednesday night, we went to Phoenix Jazz Club. This place was probably my favorite stop. Not only do I love the blues, live music and good food but the place has a cool back-story. I had no idea how much history was in KC MO but the locals are always really proud of it and willing to share. The story behind Phoenix is that it dates back to prohibition and still has the tunnels/basement to prove it. Therefore, their drink are something magical. Take a look:

The bleeding heart was my favorite. I had one more that was a bourbon-based drink that tasted like holiday happiness but I was too embarrassed to use my flash in a dimly lit jazz bar 3 times. The band that played looked like a random hodge-podge of people but the sound that came out of them was unrivaled. The singer came over to our table, because we were cheering so loudly after every song and totally fan-girling her, and we told her we were from Boston and she asked if there were jazz places there for them to travel to. So, you’re welcome because that amazing sound might be coming to Boston and I might single-handedly be the reason for it. That’s just me though, making the world a better place, one band at a time. Their name is A LA MODE. Here is the best recording I could find but it TRULY does NOT do them justice.


The last day in KC MO we walked around in an attempt to go shopping. I always like checking out local boutiques and consignment stores to find one-of-a-kind pieces. Of course on the hottest day there, I decide to walk 15 minutes to a store that no longer exists (thanks for nothing YELP!) all while the Big 12 BBall Tournament is going on, causing 2.7x the sur-charge for Uber as I get hopelessly stranded in the middle of no where. It wasnt all for not though, because I took this sweet pic by a graffitied ally:


Don’t let the smile fool you, I was covered in sweat. I felt like Steve Carrell in Crazy Stupid Love in second 14 of this clip: Crazy Stupid Love

Buying clothes in KC MO was difficult since I was staying in the food part of town and the shopping center was on the complete other side. I did buy a fleece-lined jacket at a boutique called The Garment District. Nothing like the one in Boston since this jacket cost me $60…on sale. Nonetheless, it was cute and we got to sight-see:

Lastly, I went to the fanciest restaurant in KC, called Gram and Dun. You know you are in a fancy restaurant when the girls next to you are clearly famous social-lites who are talking about how difficult it is to decide between flying to DC or driving for the fear of looking like a douche for flying when you can just drive or looking like a commoner who drives a few hours. The eavesdropping was prime-time and also insufferable. Mark my words, if I get famous, I will never lose perspective like that. I digress. Here are pics of the mouth-watering drinks and entrees we got. I got the steak, because duh! And my co-worker took a pic of his chicken:

I scheduled a shoot with a local KC writer, photographer and book-cover publisher named Kennedy Kelly and like so many meet-ups with photographers for the first time, she never got back to me. We were communicating just fine up until when I landed and firmed up a day and time…then she flatlined. Nothing. I hate when people are unprofessional and disrespectful of other people’s time. So unfortunately, I do not have any modeling pics from this trip and it would have been cool to be on a book cover somewhere 😦 but I hope you enjoyed my travel blog! I travel often for work and leisure so come again soon!

xo Tina Bell

Target Chic for Every Holiday Occasion

Okay, so now that Black Friday shopping for everyone but yourself has passed (or maybe you meant to but ended up with a ton of personal impulse buys whoops!), you are probably left needing something to wear to all of those holiday occasions you bought for…on a budget!! Im sure you have RSVP’ed to tons of different things (because you’re you and fabulous) like friend’s parties, secret santa, work parties, tree decorating, bonfires/smores, christmas tree lighting ceremonies, New Year’s, and/or a significant other’s holiday party (or maybe a crush…oo la la). The next step is actually showing up and impressing.

I don’t know about you but I am always looking for the best buys on a budget and this year is no different. The one difference this year is that I teamed up with the fabulous and super fashionable Fanatiqueof blogger, designer and brand ambassador to bring you some quick, easy and CHEAP (but never cheap-looking) Target outfit ideas. All of the photos shown below are of purely Target-inspired fashions. I will include links to everything. Don’t forget to tag @Target @TinaBellModel and @Fanatiqueof on Instagram with your Target-Inspired outfits!


RSVP’ing that you are making it to that Friend/Boyfriend/Crush’s Holiday Party can be hard. Don’t forget to make a grand entrance!! Remember: when the party light is on, the party is on…and when you arrive that means the party has arrived. (Party light also bought at Target)

Boyfriend-Friend Holiday Party Outfit

Polyvore layout of all the Target chic (including the “Oh Deer” sign for only $3!).

 DressTights, and Necklace



Here are some of Fanatiqueof‘s holiday inspiration. This is her New Year’s Eve party outfit:

Even while caught on candid camera sipping bubbly during the New Year countdown. Ring in the New Year in sexy sophistication!! A very Happy New Year will be had in this baby. Be sure to shop at Target for your look.


Polyvore layout. Be sure to grab them all!!

TopSkirt, HeelsEarrings


Tree decorating is an underrated event. Its a great way to bond with family and friends. Be sure to take a “Fleece Frame”photo and tag Target and @TinaBellModel. I love how tongue-and-cheek this sweater is..and not to mention comfortable!! Dont forget to add the tree topper in style this year 🙂

Fleece Navidad Outfit

Polyvore layout. The slippers even light up!!! FLEECE Navidad 😉

SweaterLeggings, and Light-Up Slippers



Heading outdoors this Holiday season?! Be sure to bundle up out there and grab a hot cocoa or coffee to warm you up.


Polyvore layout. You cant go wrong with the lumberjack chic trend; its warm and cute!

TopFaux Fur VestJeansBootsHat and Scarf


As you can see, Target has all your holiday outfit favorites for the season so before you spend a gazillion for each occasion, shop Target. Expect More and Pay Less this holiday season!

xo Tina Bell


Live By Night: Shooting with Ben Affleck and the Stars

Hello Bellas!

I want to announce that I have been cast as an extra in the Boston-based 1920s crime drama starring, directed and produced by Ben Affleck called Live By Night. In one week’s time I will be rubbing elbows with the likes of Ben Affleck, Sienna Miller, Zoe Saldana, and Chris Messin.

As I was frantically writing down the phone number, time and address of the wardrobe fitting on the back of one of my model comp cards I gave to Joe Murphy a while back (the only available paper we had), I had a thought: “what if this is the start of my BIG BREAK?! It could have all started in Joe’s kitchen on the back of my model business card”. After I got off the phone with the talent agent, I said to Joe: “damn, what if this IS my big break? Ill have to frame this comp card **long pause** Man, I wish I hadn’t written this down in felt marker if that’s the case”. Joe laughed at me and congratulated me because we both know sometimes that’s all it takes (being an extra in a big movie production) to make it. Unlikely, yes. Possible? Also, yes.

The fact is that I am really excited!!! If any of you reading this know me at all you should know two things about me: I love all things vintage and I love the movies. SOO in other words, this is my dream come true! A big shoutout to the photographers who shot these three photos I used for my application: Zachary Stone PhotographyMZ Photography, and Tillet. Here are the photos:



Zack Stone

Check out more info about the movie and shooting dates here: Movie Details

As promised, here is my first and only update on #bts info on shooting (we were not allowed to have cameras on set or blog about the actual shooting :/ ):

xo Tina Bell

Autumn Antics

Hello Bellas!

Fall has officially flung(?) 🍁🏮🎃🌰🍂 whether you like it or not. Fall is bittersweet in a lot of ways. I love the change of seasons because it means starting fresh and each season has something special to offer. Unfortunately, Fall also means colder weather and shorter days. Here are some tips and ideas to get the most out of your fall season!

  1. Embrace the food. I have never gone apple picking. I know what your thinking: “GASP! But Tina, apple picking is a New England tradition and apples are delicious”. I know. My friends never let me forget it. I love Fall but I do get bitter around this time because I hate the cold (sooooo much).  But, I have decided that this year I will go apple picking, or at least to an orchard. I will eat apple cider donuts, pumpkin pie, and drink mulled wine, pumpkin beer, and hot cider. And you should too!! Pick a recipe you’ve never made and make it for friends in celebration of the start of the season. I’ve picked pumpkin seeds! I love pumpkin seeds and I have promised myself every year that I will make them and never do. Here’s the recipe:  http://www.simplyrecipes.com/recipes/toasted_pumpkin_seeds/
  2. Embrace the fashion. I like dresses. So when Fall comes around I just add tights and a cardigan and call it a day! I also like boots and have a ton!! Fall is the season for burnt oranges, beiges, browns, cranberries, and earthy tones. Every person has a season color pallet that works best for them based on their complexion, hair color, eye color, and skin tone. Autumn happens to be my color pallet. I have olive skin, light brown hair, and brown eyes. Fall colors compliment my features best. So, even though I do not like the cold weather, Fall agrees with me. Find out your season and rock those colors here: http://www.totalbeauty.com/my-beauty-life/color-finder but dont forget cranberry looks good on everyone 🙂                        Autumn AnticsAutumn Antics 2Autumn Antics 3
  3. Embrace the makeup. The color pallet trick works with makeup as well. I love fall makeup and think it looks great on all types of skin complexions. Use your typical browns to contour but instead of going super heavy on the brown, mix your brown contour powder with some pink/cranberry blush. This two-tone contour approach will make you look festive without overdoing it. Finish this off with a deep red or medium brown. For shadows: smokey brown eye! AHHH! So good. Can you tell Autumn Fashion/makeup is my jam? Cuz it is!  
  4. Embrace the colors. Colors are the best part of fall. Each of the colors alone don’t really do it for me, but together?! Breathtaking. I used to live on the 22nd floor of my dorm building with a view that overlooked miles of tree canopies that lead to gorgeous mountain peaks. It was spectacular. I used to just stare out there sometimes and crack open the window.
  5. Embrace the each other. Even though I do not like the cold, there is something refreshing about a cool breeze. Its like when you ask for water, you prefer it to be cold rather than room temperature. However, the reality is that the cold makes us shiver and throw on layers. The best layer you can wear is a person you love. Its the season for closeness, hugs, rubbing feet, and cuddling. This doesn’t mean you need a romance…no no no. Its friends, family, boyfriends or even paramores. I don’t judge. Get close. Even if that means opening up more to people you care about or keeping an open mind. In no time you will feel the closeness.

Yay Fall! The right start to a new season is the right attitude. Stay tuned for more recipes, makeup tutorials, fashion advice, and all around silly Autumn Antics.

xo Tina Bell