Victoria’s Secret Angel

Last Photoshoot of 2016

Hello Bellas!

Days before the close of 2016, I got the chance to work with 2 of the 3 photographers from the Toys for Tots Charity Photoshoot: Rob Hare and Mo Mendes. At 3:00pm I saw a status on Mo’s page asking for a model available to shoot at his studio at 4:00pm. I was getting over a cold, in my PJs, and just finished watching an episode of The Crown. I asked where the shoot would be half-expecting it to be over an hour like most gigs, but it was a mere 40 mins away. I accepted and ran into the shower, got out and got makeup ready as quickly as I could. I did not get there until 5:00pm (they knew I would be late) but luckily Mo was stuck in traffic and arrived right before me.

The studio space was HUGE and Rob already had a pink backdrop set up for one of our shoots. Rob and I had been in talks about shooting for a week and exchanged Pinterest boards (that means its going down). You don’t just show anyone your Pinterest board 😉 We both liked this one idea and tried it:




Tina Bell (me)

Rob made a status using this photo saying:

My New Years Resolution…..Get back to doing photography projects that are just for me. I love that I’m able to make money doing what I’m passionate about but I still like to have time to do personal work. So here’s to kicking it off in style.

This is neither a new nor original idea but it is a technically challenging shot for a number of lighting reasons. I was thrilled to put this project together with a model I’ve wanted to work with from the minute I met her. Tina Bell is a phenomenal model and she was kind enough to join me to put this project together.

Thank you Mo Mendes for the assist on this shot. Very proud to add this image to my personal portfolio.

There was another model was there–Brittany Bearden- Miss Maine U.S. International–and we were alternating time with photographers. I worked with Mo next and then with Rob again before the end. I will leave the Mo surprise to the end (Hint: It’s a Secret) and show you another gem that Rob and I created:


Tina Bell

There was no Pinterest inspo for that one. I had the dress and Rob had the camera. The lighting is really the unsung hero of this shot. There was a hard light source to my right and I had to angle my body and face toward with while also creating curves and pretty lines. Its more challenging than it looks, but DAMN does it look good 🙂

As promised, Ill let you in on my secret with Mo…Victoria’s Secret, that is! Mo had these amazing black wings that were easily spanned 6 feet across. They were made for another shoot with a girl that was 6 ft tall by the lovely Lory Sun. She creates some really cool and dark couture pieces and this was no exception. I was strapped into the wings like a backpack…the heaviest backpack I’ve ever worn! I couldn’t move to fast or I would topple over or hit a light (which I accidentally did do a few times). But the shots were worth it. Its more of a dark VS angel shoot.


Tina Bell


Tina Bell

I am so honored to be inspired and inspire great artists in my line of work. This is a reminder of why I do this at all. They don’t call us artists tortured for no reason; some days you wake up and think “its not enough” or “I should just quit” or “what if I fail” or “why am I even doing this”. Creatives can totally relate to this “Negative Thought Record” (as we call it in the clinical world). However, its shoots and statuses like this put it all in perspective. Suddenly, hopping in the shower, getting ready and driving 40 minutes out of your way on a moments notice does not seem so crazy. We all can get down and forget why we are working our buns off (especially when the bills stack up and your not getting paid), but shake off those demons and doubts and GRIND! Happy New Year!!

xo Tina Bell